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Storytelling with student-led web creations.


She controls 49% interest in a partnership; employing creative minds to make design-thinking projects come alive.

She is an extraordinary technologist who puts her vision on the playing-field as a communications asset for upstart businesses.

Her mission is supported by investors whose interest are served by profitable  Internet and telephone subscription accounts.

She publishes daily messages of hope and encouragement to teen girls who struggle with social-self-media image and the effect of fruitless images.

She controls the admin of over one hundred online studios where students can showcase their STEM explorations and mastery of STEM concepts .

The e-commerce sites that she manages offers subscription accounts for domain services, hosting services, email services and a variety of marketing and cyber security products.

Abby Van Winkle, as senior director of Van Winkle Communications, brings innovative thought and practical knowledge to the art of storytelling.

If you have a story then tell it with Abby and Van Winkle Communications.



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We guide all of our publications with a bunch of ‘do no harm’ policy language so that we can provide our users with a trial-service subscription account that benefits all.

We deliver software services and mobile applications.  It is our top priority to ensure that every service subscription is SSL-secured and profitable.

Post what matters most to your profitability and be certain that we will support you… for the sake of prosperity and wellness in our community, we help make your next ‘big’ or ‘small’ move count for something.


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